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Graveyard of Good Times


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released January 13, 2017

All songs written and recorded by Brandon Ayres and published by Lucky Number Music.
Mastered by Jason Mitchell @ Loud Mastering.
Photography by Evangeline Barrón. Artwork by Tim Hampson.
℗ & © 2016 Lucky Number Music Ltd

Thanks to my family, Zoe and Katie, friends, Chloe, Alex G, Nathan Roberts, Lucky Number, Nick Myers and John Sinclair.

Dedicated to Sean Finan.



all rights reserved


BRANDON CAN'T DANCE Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Headspace
Sorry for my headspace and they way I handle things
I’m losing friends while gambling on their feelings
Don’t try and say it’s all over, even though friends got kids and got older
She says, kickin’ on back with a fresh cigarette, I’m gonna live the good life cuz I’ll never settle down
Kickin’ on back with a fresh cigarette, I’m gonna life the good life cuz I’m tired of feeling down
Track Name: Smoke & Drive Around
Dance with somebody, the world can’t hold me down
Dance with somebody, smoke and drive around
The parties tonight, drinking outside, behind the church, drunk and high Jesus Christ,
High five my friends, 2am, where’s my ride
Track Name: A Greyhound Named Chelsea
Sundays bring the bed stains, brings the bad pains again
But one day when I’m boring, I’ll tell some stories, laugh and cry
But what now while I’m still young, while I’m still dumb, get it in man
‘Cause one day when I’m boring, I’ll tell some stories, laugh and die
God, God give me some basic needs, a greyhound named Chelsea, chalice of ecstasy
Track Name: Pop Queen of the Teen Scene
Took a secret path, down around the back
A trail of all my fears, teenage girls in tears, immobile from the smoke
Well at least its something new
Pop Queen of the teen scene got her own TV show, get her on the radio
‘Am I a slave or just another rich face?’
You are, your status is a joke, life is in your mind, projected through your eyes, you’re totally alone
Track Name: Where My Boys At
Keep the motor runnin’ on your ’65, she’s a real nice whip, to the schools we’ll drive
Its 3pm, gotta get your friends, can your brother get us 40’s and some cigarettes
1028 for some highschool jams, it’s a Friday night, whats the party plan
where my boys at? Where my girls at? Get some pizza, watch the bands play
Track Name: So Deep, So Tortured, So Freak
I don’t feel anything, medicated brain
I isolate, repeat like black floral walls
Nothing means anything ‘cause I’m in my world
I write this bullshit like some deep tortured freak
Track Name: She Loves Anime
Invested all this time in something I loved, In someone I called a friend
Toast to where I’ve been before, to what I have become, now where have I been for months
But now I found I found a girl who does everything I want because I drew her up
Lay in bed all day, watching TV on the side, brainwashed, get fat and die
She loves anime and dyes her hair green/orange
She loves Ativan, Lithium, Percocet
She’s taking off her clothes, oh God, swear I didn’t know
On the bed on the phone
Runnin’ down the stairs, fuck this, I ain’t getting caught by her Dad or her Mom
Track Name: Fuck Off and We'll Get Along
Runnin’ so we can hide these fields
Where we go when we don’t wanna be seen
This is my time forever so fuck off and we’ll get along just fine
Track Name: Rock is Dead
I think its done, I think its all been said
What do you sing when rock is dead
Boring and normal or its too obscure
I get down in the middle ground, I get down when there’s people out
I want a dog no one around
I don’t care about the shit I said, you did worse in your hostage bed
Track Name: Angelina
Angelina tries to fix her head
She don’t know why she don’t leave her bed
Fear, no trust
Down pretty girl by the window, stained glass, smokin’ again
Angelina’s on the blood stained bed, sippin’ chamomile and lit incense
I’ve noticed all her friends got kids, grew up real fast, married some shit
When I walk out into the yard
Nostalgic, high school, smoke in cars
Track Name: The World is Broken
When I grow up I don’t want anymone
TV, guitar, my dog
Might as well rip off my balls, I’m a piece of shit who cant feel love
Always look out for yourself and life is a joke, the world is broken
Track Name: Freak of the Freaks
Dropped in the ashes again like high school breakup pain, like and angel with a fucked up face
Happy with my Ativan, told her I’m a new changed man, told her I’m a freak lets dance
In the alley where the hybrid sleeps, tryin’ but I cant change me
Jr. year high school crush from another school but she don’t like you
Was a freak to the self claimed freaks, well shit man that’s just me, everyday of the week
Tell me dressin’ up ain’t fun, cigarettes and blush, give me all of your love
In the alley where the hybrid sleeps, hey don’t mind me, just a freak of the freaks
Track Name: Don't You Want To
I’m not sure it’s the right time for you baby
I’m so tired and I want to be alone
You’re scared but you know its only shadows, tall trees, anxiety
I fucked up and my brain I’m kickin’ on
Up, down, my apologies
I’m not sure it’s the right time for you baby
I take pills for anxiety
You’re scared but you know its only darkness, smoke weed on Halloween
So cool in my black denim jacket
Up, down, my apologies
Don’t you want to see them, don’t you want to be there
Track Name: Me Inside Here
I got who like burning shit, some made scars with cigarettes
I got friends who like rock n’ roll, the party’s over, I’m getting old
I got friends who don’t understand the extent of what’s in my head
I got friends who think I’m dumb, someday I won’t fuck it up
Me inside here, tried some past life
Boys will kick and scream while the girls throw left hooks, win the fight
Track Name: Believe in Fear
I feel numb inside and I don’t care
If the bomb goes off, I’d sit right back in my chair
When I’m at work I chill in the bathroom stall, read magazines and dream about baseball
I love dogs and I love my mom, I my sister and I love grandma
Believe in fear, somatoform disorder
The pain is clear but not really here
Wasted and useless, here’s to my life man